Flue Parts

There can be alot of confusion about flues, chimney systems and flexible liners so we hope the information below will help explain the differences.

What is a flue?

A flue is an outlet for the products of combustion, this often comes in the form of a brick chimney.

Chimney Lining

This is usually a double layer metal liner that can be lowered down the flue and there are different grades and quality of liners. If you have an existing chimney that was built to general building regulations and is structurally sound and gas tight you don’t have to line the flue, however, if you are fitting a closed appliance such as a wood stove, we do advise that you line the chimney for performance purposes. A closed appliance holds the heat much longer, making it highly efficient, but this can have a detrimental effect on the flue. A chimney requires greater performance to pull the air required through a stove compared to an open fire, this increased draught can be achieved by keeping the flue gasses contained in a similar shape and form all the way to the top of the chimney. A liner does this and it also protects the chimney if the gasses cool to the point of condensation which when combined with the products of combustion can be very corrosive and damaging to the flue.

It’s worth remembering that all products vary in quality and that guarantees are usually subject to strict terms and conditions. We estimate that fewer than 10% of people would have a valid guarantee as most manufacturers require product registration, annual chimney sweeping by a registered sweep and dated receipts for all maintenance work. In our experience if you buy a good quality liner and burn good fuel your liner will last years.

Flue Liner Kits

We sell good quality liner kits and provide a next day delivery service included in the price. The flue we supply is high quality twin wall 316 grade (minimum).

A flue liner kit will include: raincap/cowl, clamp, chimney top plate, liner, adaptor from flex to rigid. In addition you will need the rigid pipe from the stove (length is determined by the fireplace opening etc), closure/register plate and insulation.

Flue/Chimney Systems

A flue/chimney system is a twin-walled, insulated metal flue, often seen on the outside of properties and used instead of building a brick chimney.We design flue/chimney systems to suit your needs and offer free and friendly advice. Our main brand of flue/chimney system is Poujoulet which we know isn’t the cheapest but it’s excellent quality gives us great confidence so we sell this fabulous brand at a really competitve price. We recommend that you use a HETAS installer to fit any of our products but it is not a legal requirement. If you want to undertake this work you must work to Local Building Regulations and the work is suitable for a competant DIYer or builder.